Beluga is on a mission to bring single edge shaving to everyone.  Many people are unaware of the unique shaving qualities that only a single edge blade can deliver, and with our easy-to-use Beluga Razor we have allowed everyone to experience the difference for themselves.  More blades equal more friction, and with a single edge you can get a irritation free shave that eliminates clogged/dirty razors and the dreaded pull and tug from multi-bladed razors.  Where the single edge really shines is the ability to cut your hair closer and with little discomfort.  Plus, there isn’t the need to pre-trim if you have a couple weeks of beard growth, so just go ahead and shave like usual because our Beluga Razor handles it with ease.  Professional Barber’s around the globe still use a single edge, and you should too.  Our Beluga Razor, simply allows anyone to easily achieve a barber quality, single edge shave at home.


Beluga was founded to create a better shaving tool after decades of frustration, irritation, and money down the drain trying different manual razors and electric shavers.  Looking to the past for inspiration, we discovered the single edge razor and was amazed at it’s superior cutting ability.  A single edge fixed everything about shaving that we hated, but the tools to use a single edge were incredibly difficult to use and were why most people don’t use them today.  Well that, and the decades of misinformation and marketing from large multi-blade companies.

Accordingly, we have developed the Beluga Razor that makes single edge shaving easy.  Now anyone can get a high quality shave using low cost, yet superior razor blades that cost as little as 7 cents each.  So are you ready to upgrade your shaving gear and save money at the same time?


The Beluga Razor is a tool of style and purpose designed to do one thing and one thing very well, and that is to deliver a superior single edge shave.  The mere act of inserting your very own choice of blade delivers a new level of appreciation and respect not only for the quality of the product, but the quality of your shave.  It is this re-connection with the past that we know you will appreciate.  The Beluga Razor is precision formed from high strength stainless steel,  and comes with a 25 year limited warranty but built to last far longer.